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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 18

Just to catch you guys up on the 24 day Challenge...only 6 days left! Great things to report so far. I actually see some curves coming from my arms and feel strength! Typically, when I start a muscle building workout my muscle turn "soft" as they call it in the fitness world. I'll get a little definition but no strength. This is because my body is pulling from my muscle because it is lacking certain nutrients.  During my challenge I committed to Catalyst. This contains branched chain amino acids:  L-glutamine, L-arginine, betaine, and taurine.

I have lost body fat % since beginning. In total I am down 4% since the beginning of the year. Yay!! I can only count 1% of that in the last 17 days. Maybe a little bit more. I have been attending a pretty intense work out...pure barre! I try to attend everyday. Me and my friend Ruth are obsessed with this exercise.

I started yet another challenge today with my pure barre class. You probably can't see my name but it is on there on the chart below =)  I highly recommend, if you are thinking about taking the 24 day challenge, creating a workout regimen of your own to help you through the 24 days. Most personal trainers will give a free consultation and majority of gyms will let you try out a week free before joining.

The challenge is attending 20/30 days! These workouts are insane. Your muscle immediately begins to tremble bringing it to full fatigue fast! It is ballerina inspired, so it builds strong muscles while lengthening them to give you pretty legs. I really really want to bring one of these to Tuscaloosa! So, if anybody out there wants to lend me some cash give me a call =)

My eating pattern is just that, I eat on a regular basis, keeping track of my daily supplements. 

Berry protein Shake with mandarin orange

 Baked Flounder with Quinoa

 Romaine lettuce with green olives, tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese
Grilled chicken (~2oz), corn (~1/4 C), green beans (~1/4 C) and potatoes (~1/2 C)
I know a lot of starch...I'll do better...

Before bed
Hot Green tea

Sometimes in between meals I will have 1/2 of a protein bar and water water water. I try to NEVER get too hungry. If I do I head straight to the dessert bar at work!

Please let me know if you have any questions or are ready to take the challenge yourself!!
Email me @

Keep reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins!!

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