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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meal Planning

It's Food Prep Sunday!!

Time to get back on track in the Huggins household. My "winter depression" has lasted a little longer then expected. But the sun is finally shinning and I'm ready to re-commit to planning and prepping for the week. My 3 step process for getting started:

1. What are your health goals?
  • Long-term: Weight gain/loss, Managing Blood Sugars, Managing Blood Fats, etc. 
  • Short-term: Walk 3 days this week (for instance, I will be walking with my sister one day this week so I'll need to make supper quick and easy that night).

2. What does yours and your family's schedule look like this week?
  • Will you have time to cook on certain nights/Will you not have time...
  • Are you expecting guests...
  • Will you be eating by yourself b/c of your families schedule...

3. Take inventory of your whole kitchen. 
  • This includes down to that solo ketchup packet in your junk drawer...

After you have finished the first 3 steps then proceed to planning. 

Printable's for Meal Planning

Newlywed Nutrition

Newlywed Nutrition

Newlywed Nutrition

Newlywed Nutrition

PDF File

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  1. I definitely need to get back to meal planning! Love your charts!

    1. It's hard to get back started-this makes it a little easier/fun =) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for those awesome charts! :D I really need to start meal planning again!!

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by. It's a must for us or it's fast food heaven all the way home.


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