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Monday, March 21, 2016

Are People Who Eat At The Table Healthier?

If you have been reading along this month you will know it is National Nutrition Month. The theme this year is “Savor The Flavor of Eating Right.” To sum it up, it’s not all about what your eat. It’s also about when, where, how, and with who. So many traditions have vanished as our society has been taken over by convenience. But could this be what is making us less healthy?

One of the goals I set this month was to sit at the table and have a meal. As a child we didn’t set at the table for each meal but we did for most. My job was to help set the table with the silverware while my other siblings put ice in glasses and plates on the table. It was a family event, a tradition. As we got older it was harder to make this happen. Did I mention I’m the baby of 8? I love having a big family and these days food is what bring us all together.

Every time my mom comes to town I always help her cook something and I often times record it. Like this one…ignore my “blood gravy” talk, lol.!14903&authkey=!AL1r1ap1ETtnCww&ithint=video%2cMOV

Print out this calendar I made to help stick with goals this month. I also have printable stickers!

NNM_2016_Calendar Printable


If you missed the meal planning print outs you can get them here.

These moments are special-we may not see that now (your family may not see that now). I challenge you to have a seat at the table this week…it may just save your life!

Come back tomorrow for the start of National Nutrition Month Give-a-ways! Follow along on social media using @DietitianCindy

Happy Eating!

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