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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Sustain Motivation after a Conference - Part 1

Dietitian Cindy

Food and Nutrition Conference
Hello Friends! I recently attended the annual food and nutrition conference in Nashville, Tn. If you are trying to build a brand online check out this session review called Claim the Spotlight! Beyond Traditional Media: Videos, Podcasts, & Self-Publishing! 

The point of a conference is to gain continuing education to develop or sharpen skills, network, and inspire. My mindset during the conference: I will conquer!! I make tons of notes and have idea after idea and I tell myself, "this year will be the year that I actually implement my goals!" Then I come home to endless cat meows, mountains of laundry, and a neglected husband.

So how do we keep this inspiration fueled post conference?

After addressing the cats and the husband ;) I sat down to map out a plan. Oh, the mountains of laundry aren't hurting anyone! Here is my plan on how to sustain motivation after a conference.

1. Organize notes, lecture handouts, and business cards. 

I use Microsoft's One Drive and One Note to organize documents and pictures.

Resources for file organization: One Drive | Evernote | DropBox | One Note


2. Make notes beside the cards. For instance, if someone offered to mentor you or help you with a certain project. 

This is a notebook I use everyday. So now I will have daily visual reminders to keep my mind on my goals. I love this notebook. It is by designers Erin Condren. Click the button below for referral. 

Erin Condren Notebook

(*this is s referral link*)
3. Send a follow-up email. 

You can simply express appreciation in meeting them.

Here is one that I am sending out.
Hello Chere, 
I have been a big fan of your Abundance Mondays! I too love to inspire and motivate other RDs and entrepreneurs. It was great to connect with you at the NEDPG media/speaker meeting. Thank you for your advice on the National Speaker Association membership. I look forward to connecting in the future.
Always Smiling, 
Cindy Huggins, MS, RDN, LD
blog: Newlywed Nutrition
podcast: 30 Second Bytes with Dietitian Cindy
 photo 830abb93-2d88-48a5-93bc-ed0085c220be_zps8fta0qo0.png  photo 130f0e12-006c-47d3-ab4d-9beae113b69a_zpsn9gsfw6c.png  photo cbcd4fbf-b435-4d87-8d8a-618ff3ff1f60_zpsulqc9flh.png  photo 291c8f25-1a9c-4857-bdee-765468174d9a_zpsuiz9jf6c.png  photo 020d1dac-0791-49d3-a4f6-f359252742ac_zpseyfxv0vf.png  photo 53b2772c-5322-4a79-9e75-ef1294280ba0_zpselgyxx58.png  photo 6fed2524-5aea-4ebb-81e2-645de2373eeb_zpsrglhzndc.png

Don't be afraid to ask for a meeting or offer your services if you think they will be beneficial. DON'T ask for a meeting or phone call if you have nothing to discuss.

Here are some templates that can help. 


Friday I'll post Part 2: Creating a clear vision to see a return on investment! I'm creating some new documents to help! Here is an example. Click to download.

Thanks for reading! Did you go to FNCE?? 
Let's connect. Comment below with any tips!
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