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Monday, October 5, 2015

FNCE Sessions Review

Hey friends! I am currently in Nashville, TN attending an annual food and nutrition conference (FNCE). Every year I get excited about FNCE. The #1 reason is the opportunity to reconnect with friends and create new relationships. Of course the food is in my top 3! Check out this Exhibit Floor Plan!! So many health and food vendors. All of which have swag and food samples.

FNCE floor plan
This is the short intro:
The media landscape is evolving, providing RDNs with new opportunities they can use to highlight their expertise while promoting RDNs as THE nutrition experts. Videos, podcasts, and self-published books are three exciting alternatives to traditional media that allow RDNs to embrace their inner 'celebrity' and gain valuable exposure. Join two seasoned nutrition communicators as they share key insights, case studies, and tangible takeaways on these emerging and effective communication vehicles.
1. Discuss three benefits of engaging in strategic solutions beyond traditional media to highlight the RDN voice to the public.
2. Identify two or more non-traditional communication vehicles available and list characteristics of each.
3. List the steps involved as well as the tools and resources needed to build a You Tube channel, create a podcast and self-publish a book or e-book
For anyone looking to step up their game in the social media world or just get started here are some tips and comments to consider.
The consensus of both speakers was that the tools you need are readily available! There is no need to spend good-gobs of money on cameras and accessories-utilize what you have. I think I’m safe to say that most of us have some form of camera phone. Visit Melissa’s website for the complete starter kit. For video Melissa recommends using natural light. Here are some of her RDN YouTube Examples
Take home points from Melissa:
Be Clear: Evidence-based
Be Concise: Tell a Story
Be Compelling: Find YOUR voice
Food & Props: Take it to the next level
Success = Engagement and Actions (Not “number”)
For RDNs You are the celebrity nutrition expert! Claim YOUR spotlight!
You are an INFLUENCE invest in yourself (get training, outsource!)
Express | Engage | Empower
Bring your personality
Provide Interaction-pose a question at the end of a video or podcast
Proficiency does not equal passion-Jane Pauley
These two are big ones for me!
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Interested in publishing your own book?  According to Julie Beyer, self-publishing is totally possible. Take home points from her lecture include:
Self-publishing  puts you into control without a lot of financial investment. You are also able to keep more of your profits. Certain skills are needed. Consider a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). Hard skills needed include: grasp of language, spelling, and grammar along with understanding of certain computer programs (Microsoft Word). Soft Skills needed simply include knowledge of book design and layout, research skills, and organizational skills. Lastly, one must have the ability to block out “naysayers”, allow for opportunities of humility, and have an eagerness to learn from others.
“I never know what I think about something until I read what I've written on it.” William Faulkner

My advice to those who want to write is to simply write. Buy a pocket journal and jot down ideas as soon as you think of them or use that fancy phone for note taking. I promise you will forget if you don’t write it down. All of the slides are available on the FNCE website. If you’d like to hear the session a link on the site will be available for purchase in a couple of weeks.

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