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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 4-Probiotic love

Pretty uneventful today. The cleanse regimen did change. No fiber drink today, with the addition of a probiotic. Probiotics are pretty cool. They are living microorganisms that promote good gut bacteria in the gastrointestinal system (your tummy and intestines). I actually recommend probiotics for patients in the hospital. A lot of consumes buy over the counter prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are nondigestable food elements that promote growth of probiotics. They work together to move out bad gut bacteria through the small intestine into the colon where they serve as fermentation substrates. I love animations. They help me learn =)


We actually have a new probiotic supplement! The probiotic step is necessary because I have just spent 3 days creating bulk in my body and moving things out.

At dinner I will take my omega 3 supplement and end this evening with my herbal cleanse tablets and a tall glass of water.

Tomorrow is day 5! Half way through the cleanse! 

Keep reading as I continue with my mission: healthy Huggins!

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