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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 has come and gone. Pretty much the same regimen as the last two days.

Fiber Drink in the a.m.
Water, water, water (24oz)
Omega Supplement at dinner
Water, water, water (16oz)
Herbal Cleanse tablets in the p.m.
Water, water, water (24zoz)

This  morning I, yet again, tweaked the fiber drink. I only added 1/2 the amount of water it calls for plus my crystal light. I was able to get in down before I left the house. Simple breakfast- oatmeal, lunch- salad with chicken and dinner-Small portions from last nights valentines dinner. Click here to download a 10 Day Cleanse Program guide for meal suggestions.10 Day Cleanse Or refer back to Day 1 blog for dietary suggestions. The hubby and I took a nice walk this afternoon. Remember, you must move to keep things moving in your body.
I have had a lot of questions so I wanted to take the time to address them.                           
*Have you lost any weight? No-but remember I am not doing this to lose weight...and it is only day 3!
*Has your energy increased? Yes! Spark does help =) No more morning coffee breath.
*How is your appetite? After the fiber drink + oatmeal in the morning I am satisfied until lunch. I'm     actually really full; starting tomorrow I will replace my oatmeal with 2 hard boiled eggs. I do have to    have an afternoon snack with my spark. But your body appreciates being fed every 3-4 hours!
*Are you constantly visiting the restroom? No =)
*How do I get these products? From me! Email me at

Days 4-10 are a tad bit different. Tomorrow I will start a probiotic restore supplement and continue these through day 10. No more fiber drink until day 8 =)

Please feel free to continue to email me questions @

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Keep reading as I continue with my mission: healthy Huggins!

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