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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 10-goodbye cleanse!

First things first..before you venture into a challenge check the calendar and make sure the next 24 days of your life are event free. Unfortunately, I forgot about a few things...Valentines and a trip to Tuscaloosa. Having said that, I may have of compromised my challenge with some of the choices I made. But, I'm back on track ready to make up for it!
I have had a lot of questions about what I have been eating. Advocare gives you a very good guide, check out this link--> 10 Day Clense Cheat Sheet!

On the road to Tuscaloosa, I chose my version of "fast food" greek yogurt, banana and yes, baby food in a pouch!
Quick protein bar and water with Spark to get me through the four hour drive

 Some of the yummy meals the hubby has been cooking up

 This was my lunch today! I am very fortunate to work at a facility that is health forward. We have a section in out cafe called Flavors 450. Only 450 calories per meal,made with heart healthy oils, whole wheat pastas and low-fat dairy.
Always be prepared for the work day if you are not so fortunate. The pic below has fat-free milk, soy beans, olives, peanut butter crackers, turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and rice cakes (this is my morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack)
 During these 24 days, take the time to transition yourself into a healthier way of eating. NOTE: this is not a diet or diet plan, just a stepping stone to your new lifestyle and healthy weight. The image below is what we want your plate to look like. Compare it to your plate now and see what small changes you can begin to make. Let's start with one section at a time! I ask my fit kids every week what they had that day and what was missing. Then we talk about what they can do to fix it and we set a weekly goal! If my fit kids can do it, so can you!!! BTW fit kids  is a class I teach each we to kids in our community.

Tomorrow starts DAY 11! New regimen, no more fiber drink =) It really wasn't that bad! Oh, and btw...I actually did go down a couple of pounds. More to report tomorrow!!!

Keep reading as I continue with my mission: healthy Huggins!

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