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Monday, February 15, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness


A simple smile has the power to save lives because you are giving hope. Hope that their is still kind people in the world who live each day to serve others selflessly. As a motivational speaker and educator I aim to teach about the importance of caring for others instead of focusing on themselves.
Define Kindness:: Genuine generosity that comes straight from the heart.
This is the response I gave when asked why I wanted to be apart of the RAK community.

Start with your husband or significant other. Start small and build up each day.
1. Place a sticky note on the mirror or frig that will make them smile or laugh
2. Layout their morning coffee cup and fixings
3. Fix them breakfast or lunch for the day
4. Send a sweet random text message or words of encouragement if you know something big is going down that day
5. Go out of your way to avoid a conflict (allow them to be right…this time)
6. Wake them up with a morning delight Winking smile
7. Get them a random gift of something they would never expect (sports tickets, concert tickets) and to top it off plan for them to go with good friends for a “guys night out”.

Be kind my friends! Here’s to a great Monday!

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