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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Turning 30

There once was a little girl with a wild imagination who had plans to be famous one day. 

She would capture the hearts of many with epic portrayals of leading ladies on the big screen. Time would be spent in the bright lights of Hollywood waving at the cameras and screaming fans as she made her way down the red carpet. In her room she would spend time bringing these moments to life. A quick and sneaky trip to her sisters room provided the make-up needed for a glamorous movie star face. After painting on makeup it was then time to construct a red carpet worthy outfit made out of material scraps from her mothers sewing room. Lastly, Carebears and Barbie's gathered on the bed to play the important role of her fans. The rest of the time was filled with mock interviews, acceptance speeches and of course, singing and dancing in front of the mirror.

Such big dreams for a little girl.

My birthday was be filled with many emotions: tears, happiness, laughter, moments of fear followed by the realization that I am th...thir...thirty years old. As a child, 30 seemed so old and there was just no point in living after your 20's. My eyes are swelling just writing this, not because I'm sad. Because, [insert cliches that represent the absolute truth] I'm so incredibly blessed to have a family who loves me, friends who pick me up when I'm down, and to be a child of a God who gave His only son for my salvation. It is true.

That's my BFF, Candace, her hubby Brian (left) and me and my hubby Brian (right)

The older I get reality becomes all too real and everyday a tiny speck of fear creeps over me knowing that tomorrow it may all disappear.


  1. I completely understand the eyes misting. I have always considered 30 to be the year that you should probably be married and be ready for babies, but as I turn 27 in 2015 I realize that might not happen, and I'm learning to be okay with what God's plan is for me.

  2. Oh I remember 30. It was so much fun. I traveled to Europe for vacation.
    Not to make you even more emotional - the next 10 years will go even faster. You'll be 40 before you know it.

  3. God always has a plan! I don't have babies but I'm okay with it! Have a wonderful New Years!!

  4. Oh Thanks!! lol That makes me feel better!! I had a bust of a birthday party in Birmingham Alabama, Europe would have been awesome! Have a wonderful New Years!


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