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Friday, May 23, 2014

Pin It Party! + #FurloughFriday!

Hello Friday! Or as I call it #FurloughFriday! It has been a challenging last few months. And to top it off, my work hours have been reduced. My spirits are not too down because I know God has something better for me out there and that excites me! Something else that excites me is teaming up with The Lean Green Bean for a #PinitParty

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Wedding season is here! I just love working with brides and helping them feel beautiful and healthy inside and out. Check out my tips for dropping unwanted weight for the big day!

Working towards my first half marathon! SO many great feelings of accomplishment. Check out my journey recap and some food and hydration tips for adequate energy on race day.

My biggest fear is failure. These past few months I have faced my fears straight on. Good to know that the best of us are failures! 
Road tripping it this summer? Check out some of the healthier options while traveling.

These are some oldies,but goodies that I have updated!

 Crank up your metabolism with eating!! You must EAT to lose weight, people!!

Crank up your metabolism with weight lifting! Who knew packing on some muscle could aid in long term term weight loss. Ladies, don't be afraid of the weights.

Now, I'm off to celebrate #FurloughFriday with a run. Have a great and SAFE Memorial Day weekend. God Bless you.

Continue reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins!


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