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Monday, August 5, 2013

Motivation Monday-Aspiring Fitness Model

Today I have a special treat for you all. My good friend, Nikki, agreed to share some of her success story about becoming an aspiring fitness model. If this doesn't motivate ya, I'm not sure what will!!

About Nikki

Name: Nikki Sharp Pritchett

Age: 28

Home life: Full time RN, wife, mommy to my 3 lb blue haired Chihuahia named "Girlfriend"

Hobby: cake and cookie baker, painter, crafter, gymrat, fitness fanatic

-When did you begin training and what was your motivation?

I have always been active in the gym and a runner since high school, but I had never actually followed a weigh training plan or a diet per say. After graduating college and there was no more Danceline to keep me active, I would just make it a point to stop by the gym or run a 5k on the weekends I was off work. After achieving this goal, I strived for something more. I came across a picture of Andreia Brazier, a WBFF Diva fitness champion & was blown away. She was my immediate motivation. She is beautiful, fit, and very motivating.

-Give us an overview of your training schedules.

When I first started training it was for a NOC Bikini competition. I got counted off for being "too cut & ripped" so I don't think my genetics are gonna be soft for bikini. I have recently converted to training for a figure completion instead for the next show. Now my training consists of : Monday through Saturday, fasting cardio for 45 minutes prior to breakfast. Then 5 days a week, weight lifting using a EDT program. EDT involves a workout where you measure how much work is done, and then consistently and gradually increase the amount of work. When you do this, your muscles will grow, your metabolism will increase and you'll have a leaner, more muscular body. There's a paradox at work here. Escalation Density Training (EDT) with HITT Cardio.

-Did you follow a certain diet/supplement regimen? If so, please elaborate.

ABSOLUTELY! Have you heard the saying "its 80% diet, 20% gym"? Well that is the most important thing people forget. You absolutely cannot kill yourself in the gym but then go eat whatever you please, you will never see results. My diet consists of egg whites, plain oatmeal with cinnamon and stevia, weighed out portions of chicken, tilapia, broccoli, brown rice, sweet potatoes, 98% fat free lean beef, all natural organic peanut butter or almond butter. No salt, no sugars. Only natural additives like stevia, spices. I know I know, it does get a little boring but I find ways to spice it up differently when I need a change.

For supplements, every morning first thing I take flaxseed, CLA, a prenatal vitamin, biotin, and lipo 6 fat burner- all in the amounts the bottles prescribe. Nitrous Oxide powder or Sparks Watermelon or Mango added to 16 oz water prior to am cardio. A table spoon of L-Glutamine power added to a SYNTHA-6 peanut butter cookie protein shake after the weightlifting workout so my muscles can recover and I can avoid being sore. Banana for potassium post workout as well! And end the night with Blue Emu cream! It's great and doesn't smell like the horrible Aspercream!

-Any favorite recipes for protein shakes/bars??

Oh absolutely! Adding a teaspoon of sugar free caramel flavored syrup from the dollar tree and 1/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to my peanut butter cookie protein shake makes for an out of this world liquid butterfinger flavored treat!!

For protein bars- I have become a MAJOR ADDICT to Instagram. You will find amazing recipes on here if you follow the right people! My favorite one right now is protein cookie dough made from Chobani plain Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and sprinkle cacao nibs in it!! YUMMY!! Takes just like cookie dough.

-What has been the most difficult part of your journey?

Getting up at 4 am to do morining cardio prior to having to be at work at 7am. Working a 12 hour shift, getting off at 7pm, them having to go to the gym to do my weighlifting workout.....exhausting. Not to mention I am in Nurse Practitoner School too. I never sleep, lol.

-What has been the easiest part?

Sticking with it! When you see your body transform and you get used to the diet and routine, it is very rewarding and very motivating to see how much more you can change for the better!!

-How does your hubby feel about your lifestyle?

Oh Lord! He is very supportive in everything I do in life, but I will say that he feels like I am never home, especially on my 12 hour days. He likes me better soft and not so muscular, but I think he may just say that to keep me home, lol. When he saw me compete and all my progress, he said I looked amazing and he had the "hottest wife ever!" He understands that I am very dedicated, but I think he wished that I wouldn't be so hard on myself sometimes.

-If someone wants to follow in your shoes, how would suggest they get started?

Don't think that you have to spend a fortune to do this sort of hobby. I personally didnt have alot of money to put into this. Thank God I have friends that have done this before and have me tips and pointers. I just so happened to find a friend that has done bikini competitions and now is training for her first figure competition. I asked her how much she would charge to train me & it was not anything compared to the trainers in town! She gives me workout plans and a diet every week and I weigh in and send her progress pics every Saturday morning. It has been wonderful!! So just ask around, talk to people at your gym, look on the Internet! You can do it all by yourself. And as far as money goes for supplements and diet- trust me, your grocery bill will be alot less without all the Oreos, chips, snacks, and cokes! So the money saved goes towards supplements. It all evens out.

If you really want to do it, you MUST be dedicated. No cheating! Set your mind to it and don't be distracted. If you do Abe in and eat a cookie or a piece if chocolate.... Oh well! Don't beat yourself up, besides your body probably burned it off within 5 minutes of consuming it because it is in a metabolism rage with all the good things you are eating.

-What's next for you? Will you continue competing?

I have a figure competiton August 24. I hope to do it, maybe bring home some sort of trophy even if it's not first place in my class. And I believe I'll rest until next season, or perhaps try for a baby! My hubby is ready and I really think it's time! All my friends are in their 2nd or 3rd lol! But I am patient & will see how God puts things into plan.

- What/who keeps you motivated when you may feel discouraged?

Motivation comes from Instagram, my trainer, and deep down in myself. I do have people that tell me that I spend too much time and effort doing what I do and that they don't like muscle. Then I have people that are like "Oh my God, you look amazing!" So it's a constant struggle! I see my progress and It keeps me on track. I would rather look fit and tone than flabby and sick.

-Favorite motivational quote?

She believed she could so she did.

Nothing is Impossible- the word itself spells "I'm Possible"

And since I'm a running addict:

"Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." Hebrews 12:1

-And any last thoughts you may want to share 

*Food prep- buy your groceries for the entire week on Sunday and cook all of it Sunday afternoon. Weigh it, put it in your containers, and your done for the while week! Everything in my diet stays fresh for a whole week and it saves me alot of time doing it that way!!

*Weight-Don't pay attention to the scales! Ladies- seriously... We get so upset when the numbers go up instead if down when training first begins. This only means MUSCLE weighs more!! You will loose inches before pounds so remember this!

*Comparing- Don't ever compare yourself to someone else's progress. You may not conform as fast as other people or see muscle definition in the same areas as they do. BUT, I promise if you take a "before training" picture and take one every week of training, compare them and you will have a smile appear on your face. It's not about looking like someone else, it's about making a better you! You vs. You always!

* Shoes- please buy good running/cardio shoes. This is so important. Sore feet make for a miserable workout and horrible pain. There are people at the shoes stores to help you, just ask.

*Internet- there are so many sites on the Internet to help with workout plans and diet. One of my favorites is Melissa Bender Fitness. Check her out!

*Motivated- do whatever it takes to stay at it! I personally love new workout shirts! I just won a free one by reporting it in Instagram and following the seller. I felt like I won $100 when I won the shirt! It gives me motivation to wear it, lol. Small things make me happy, so find your small things and go show them what your made of!!

*Pictures- take progress pictures. Here is mine. This is me after 8 weeks of a competiton diet and workout plan. Pretty amazing feeling when your compare and see what your body can do!!




  1. LOVE! I'm so proud of Nikki and she is a constant motivation for me to keep working on my fitness :)

  2. Pretty awesome seeing such great results in just 8 weeks! Wonderful motivation for us all!

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