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Sunday, March 18, 2012

24 Day Challenge

My 24 day challenge is over! I have the good the bad and the ugly. So, let me just get right into it. Throughout the challenge I had many questions from you all regarding energy level, appetite and weight loss. My energy level was amazing. I had a positive focused mood with no "energy jolt" that caused jitters or shakes. During the 10 day cleanse my appetite was welled controlled through lunch. The fiber drink really keeps you satisfied throughout the morning into early afternoon, especially if you eat a light breakfast (which is recommended). Into the second phase it did take a couple of days to feel the effects of the appetite suppressant. I believe this is because I feel off the wagon for a couple of days...whoops.

My results:
First, let's remember my goals: Not to lose weight, just to maintain. I wanted to focus on healthier eating and prepare my body for toning up and gaining muscle. During phase one I actually did drop 4 pounds. My body fat percentage has been decreased by 2 percent (4 percent since Jan!!). remember a lean body starts in the kitchen, not the gym! I feel soooo much better. I feel happier and energized. With a positive, re-energized outlook I am more determined to reach my goals and maintain my healthy lifestyle. Since the challenge has ended I do continue to take several of the supplements. One being the Spark! No more coffee or red bull here! I drink Spark first thing in the morning and fix one about 30 minutes before I work out (you wouldn't believe the difference it makes when you drink it during a workout). I was able to shave one minute off of my mile, burn an average of 75 more calories during my Pure Barre class. Other supplements I continue to take are Omegaplex (Omega 3 fatty acids), probiotic boost and catalyst.

Overall, I am very pleased with the challenge. As a dietitian, I am VERY skeptical when it comes to supplements and programs. You need to know that this is not a diet, it is a way to transition you into a healthier lifestyle. 

Are you ready for the 24 Day Challenge?
1. Do you still have that last 10 pounds that won't budge?
2. Are you looking for a fresh start to transform into a healthier lifestyle and just don't know where to begin?
3. Are you about to begin a weight loss program?
4. If you are training for a marathon or other fitness competitions. 

Who I do not recommend it for:
1. Someone who is not ready to make a commitment to a positive lifestyle change. 
2. Someone with a history of weight loss surgery.


Final recommendations

Prior to beginning your challenge, make sure the next 24 days are typical days, i.e. no vacation, no business trips or holidays.

Make realistic goals! Please, please email me if you have any questions about what your healthy weight is and what is a good weight lose goal. Set eating and exercise goals for each week. Mine consisted of running (which I hate..but this is what I needed to work on) and toning. I also, attempted to try new vegetables and make sure I got them in each day. Since I am trying to gain muscle I often refer to Here, you can get a personalized exercise program for your goals. If you have the time, I recommend to go and see an exercise physiologist/personal trainer. If you have any joint pain or prior injuries they can give you an exercise prescription that will avoid pain and injury.

If you have a past medical history of COPD, CHF or high blood pressure I highly recommend you seek out physician approval prior to beginning your challenge.

Please, email with any questions!

Resources to help you along the way!

 Continue reading as I continue with my mission: Healthy Huggins!

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