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Monday, January 18, 2016

7 Top Weight Loss Resources

Weight loss tends to always rank in the top 3 of new year resolutions. I have been among the many who swear "This will be the year                   ". You fill in the blank. I had said the following:

This will be the year I achieve my best body! (I already had a great body)
This will be the year I lose my belly! (I have never had a "belly")
This will be the year I workout every day and eat healthy. (What a miserable life!)
This will be the year I get a six pack. (Why?? Why did I want a six pack?)

This will be the year..... I could go on and on but you see the trend. It has always revolved around my weight and body image. One year I did achieve success in losing weight and gaining muscle and confidence. That year was the beginning of my health obsession. Over the past 10 years I have battled with finding a balance with food and exercise. Fortunately I found the field of dietetics while I was in college and it gave me valuable resources that saved me from a deeper disordered eating and exercise pattern. I want to share some of those resources with you all today. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask above all seek guidance from a dietitian in your area.


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides articles on food, fitness, and health. Readers can choose articles specifically for kids, parents, men, women, and/or seniors. 

Latest Articles:

Weight Loss
4 Metabolism Myths and Facts
Jill Kohn, MS, RDN, LDN
Why can one person eat like a growing teenager and not gain a pound, while another person's every indulgence shows up on the scale? Chalk it up to individual differences in metabolism, muscle mass and physical activity. View Item

Weight Loss
5 Tips to Kick Bad Eating Habits to the Curb
Jill Kohn, MS, RDN, LDN
Are you guilty of skipping breakfast, ordering takeout, getting jitters from coffee overload and counting potato chips as part of a viable diet plan? It's time to kick those habits to the curb and start eating right. View Item

Choose Healthy Fats
Sharon Denny, MS, RDN
Fat is a nutrient necessary for your health. While various fats in foods have different effects on health, some fats offer health-protective benefits. Consider including foods with these fats, in moderation, to your meals. View Item

2. Best Food Facts
Best Food Facts gives you the opportunity to connect with food system experts around the country.

Latest Articles:
Understanding Processed Foods

RD 411 is a professional resource I use on a daily basis for both work and home. As a consumer you may benefit from browsing through the Educational Materials section. Here you will find a great selection of resources for heart health, weight loss, and overall healthful living. 
Great places to start:

One of my personal favorite Apps and websites for nutrition advice and nutrient analysis.

This is the USDA's website used to promote and improve nutrition and well-being of Americans. 

Did you know that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women in America?
Great place to start: Weight Management Quiz

7. Places to find great Recipes:

I'll continue to update throughout the year so please come on back! And don't forget to tune into my Podcast and continue the talk on weight loss!


  1. Diet Tips for Weight Loss Make sure to have sufficient amount of water throughout the day. Ideally 8-10 glasses.Aim to achieve and then maintain your ideal body weight.Avoid oily, fried and spicy food.


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