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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tuscaloosa Farmers Market

Last Saturday Brian and I ventured off to the local farmers market for the first time this year. They had a little bit of everything from banjo entertainment to the sweetest sweets and of course yummy fruits and vegetables. 

We bought a lot of sweets! I felt so guilty I went back and bought some collard greens. I guess we looked like regulars because a couple asked us how to prepare greens. I responded with "we don't know yet!" Brian believes you can Google anything. Which you can!

We bought 2 cookie bags. One claiming to be "the perfect cookie." Of course we had to get this one! This cookie had nuts and cranberries, no chocolate. My perfect cookie has to have chocolate. The second cookie bag was "the dish pan." This one had the chocolate mixed with nuts and a rich buttery taste. We couldn't even wait to get home to try them. I wish the bags had the ingredients so I could recreate them, but they didn't =(
I had never had sweet potato bread before visiting the farmers market. This was a little piece of Heaven. Seriously, the perfect after dinner sweet. It was so moist and perfectly baked. I am in the market for a great recipe so please, someone let me know if you have a good one.
Please, tell me you have had the strawberry cake from Newks? One of my favorite cakes ever! This one isn't from Newks Cafe, it is from some local sweet ladies, but it tasted just like the strawberry cake from Newks Cafe. You wouldn't believe the taste of this cake. So rich, moist and over the top sweet. You must eat with a large glass of milk.

And lastly because of my guilty pleasures the collard greens. Zoey liked them the most! I had never prepared Collards so of cause I place a call to Mom!

I was immediately intimidated by preparing them, however the process was not that difficult.
  • Wash very well, I washed them about 5 times
  • Cut the stems
  • Chop into small pieces
  • Place in large pot
  • Add enough water that covers them
  • Bring to boil then simmer for two hours

For flavor I added Goya Ham concentrate. Gives you that ham taste without all the fat! 
I cooked up some cornbread and dinner was served! 

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. how fun...I wish we were in the same city Come back to Mobile!!!

  2. Sounds like a successful shopping trip! My family's been using the ham bullion for years too instead of baking grease. I'm so excited to see we aren't the only ones!

    1. Hey! Yeah, we just tried it and I'm putting it in everything!


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