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Monday, June 10, 2013

Motivation Monday-Self Motivation

Updated: Monday, February 9, 2015  

Lately, I have been the laziest I have been in about 10 years. My eating habits went to crap and my running/exercising vanished. Most of my friends will tell me, "you have a lot going on" but, I don't believe in creating excuses for myself.  I have the time just not the energy. And I beat myself up inside because I know if I had a regimen in place I wouldn't feel like this. To try and "re-motivate" myself I took to my blog and read back over all of my motivational posts and running posts. This post got to me, really got to me. No one can motivate you like you can. It needs to come from within because the achievement you are trying to gain needs to be for you and you alone. Now, I'm back to square one with my health goals (I could kick myself for letting this happen). So, here's what I'm doing to reignite my motivation. 

How many of you sit on the couch and play on your phone, ipad, or computer OR all at the same time?? It can be done! I'm pretty sure majority of you will admit to this. I'm the worst and my husband even gets angry because anytime we were on the couch I'd be playing on my phone. I'm also pretty sure I'm developing carpel tunnel. Here is my solution-each time I find myself playing on my phone I get up and go to the gym. Not to "workout" to walk or bike while I play on my phone. I started this a couple of week ago and made it to the gym about 4 times since. My intention is to find a treadmill in the corner (I like to people watch) start walking at ~3-4 MPH and play on my phone. About 10 minutes in old Cindy starts to approach and I find myself wanting to push a little more. I either hit the incline (like really hit it up to 10) or take a few minute slow jog. Then I start all over-play on the phone while walking, then at an incline, then small jog. I try not to focus on time. I hate rushing, so I always make sure I have time to "waste". 

Well, it's a start! Any motivation you can leave below would be MUCH appreciated. Have a Fabulous Monday, guys! 

Original Post: 

Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.

Motivation can be found in an inspirational quote, a success story, or from reading a blog. Recently, my motivation has come from within. Research actually shows that you can influence your own level of motivation. Self motivating is essential for long-term success. Each week I am motivated to keep running because of my prior progress. At the beginning of each week, small goals are set to help fuel and motivate me. Without small goals our long-term goal may suffer. 

Goal is defined as the end toward which effort is directed. Goals must be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Without my goals I have no sense of progress, nothing to be proud of.  

S.M.A.R.T goals result in achievement. 

S- Be specific when you write your goals. This answers the Who, What, Where, When, and Why.
A general goal would be: Run a half marathon. A specific goal would be: Buy a pair of running shoes and run 3 days a week.

M- Make sure it is measurable. I am measuring my goal of running by logging my training into the Map My Run app. It has all of my criteria from each run (milage, pace, calories, etc.).

A- Is your goal attainable? Once you pin point the specifics ask yourself, can anything get in the way of my progress?

R- Most importantly, is your goal realistic? Are you willing and able to perform the task at hand? An unrealistic goal for me would be to run a half marathon next week. This is neither physically nor mentally possible. Do not set yourself up for failure.

T- Lastly, time-frame. You must have a time frame so that you can map out a game plan. When I decided to  train for my first half marathon I was 20 weeks out. I found a training schedule that met this time line. If you do not have a time frame there is no sense of  progress or completion. Therefore, you are more than likely going to keep putting it off.

Write your goals down. I can't stress this enough! 

Week 8 of half marathon training begins today! 
Tuesday- 3 miles
Wednesday- 5 miles
Thursday- 3 mile
Friday- Off
Saturday- 7 miles
Sunday- 2-3 miles

My goal this week: 
1.      To run 21 miles
· To complete my 3 mile run under 30 minutes
· To complete my 5 mile run under 55 minutes
· To complete my 7 mile run under 1 hour and 15 minutes 

This week I challenge you to set SMART #goals!

Please, share!

Continue reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins!


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