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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Ultimate Compromise

Hello all, my name is Cindy and I am a Registered Dietitian aka Food and Nutrition Expert, Mission: make America a healthy nation! As a Registered Dietitian, I believe in the power of education. With my charisma and charm I would have the whole world eating right and exercising daily. The President and First Lady would fly me to capitol hill on Airforce One, shake my hand and say

                     "Well done, Cindy, America is now healthy-no more childhood obesity , no more heart disease! Alabama is now the healthiest state in the nation! Thanks to you and your fellow Registered Dietitians, you have saved our country from the deadly trans fats and simple carbohydrates." 

My theory was, once people understand the science of nutrition and know what to eat and what to limit they will do it, right? If I say, "You need 9 servings of fruits and vegetables & 6 servings of whole grains everyday," they are just going to jump up and say, "Ok, let's get started!" Wrong! A simple solution, I thought! 

Over the past year I have obsessed about finding a great topic for a blog. We could read all day about what a perfect dietitian and what her family eats to stay healthy and fit. But, what about the newlyweds that are now having to mesh their eating habits together? One spouse being the food and nutrition expert while the other, just the opposite. I mean, if I can't educate my husband and encourage him to make better decisions then I can forget about saving the nation! 

First rule of marriage, the powerful 'C' word, Compromise. In every aspect of your day you have to consider someone else, especially when it comes to food. Tampering with someones food habits is like messing with their religion. But wait, should I have to compromise my health and now my husbands? Throughout this journey of compromise, please continue to read about my success and failure with Newlywed Nutrition, Mission: Healthy Huggins. It should be very interesting, to say the least.


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