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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Honeymoon Phase

 On May 1, 2010 Brian and I took a leap of faith and tied the knot in front of many wonderful friends and family. After hours of celebration we were off to a relaxing honeymoon suite in Riviera Maya. Mexico. Upon arriving at the resort, Brian and I were immediately met with a damp towel and a fruity, purple cocktail. Confused looks were exchanged about what to do with the damp cloth, but no confusion over what to do with the yummy, purple beverage!

One love we share as a couple is the love of food! Now, I admit I "splurged" (as some of you would call it), however, I understand my limits. This is where the newlyweds differ! Inside the resort I counted one, two, three places to get food and beverages...did I mention this was all inclusive? After unpacking and getting some well deserved "rest" we drooled over the many menus that were available to us. If we so chose, we could have of stayed in and ordered room service or headed to one of the many restaurants located on the resort. Compromise one, Brian wanted room service and I wanted to go we did both! Yes, we ordered one meal and then went and had another meal. Food, food and more food.. I honestly do not think we stopped eating. It has been said that the first year of marriage is considered the "honeymoon phase." Back in Alabama, as newlyweds, we continue the honeymoon,"resting" when we can and eating as though calories do not exist.

Many wives know, and other newlyweds soon to learn, your husband will not complain about many things due to the fact that if he does, the responsibility will then be his. For example, grocery shopping. Brian hates, with a passion, going to the grocery store. As the wonderful wife I am, I do majority of the shopping. When I work with a client, one of the first things I like to do is make a necessity grocery list that covers the basic food groups and limits those items that do not fall into a food group. 
The Huggins necessity list:
1. Ground turkey meat for various dishes like spaghetti, burgers, chili.
2. Chicken breast is always good for alfredo, enchiladas or simply grilled chicken.
3. Whole Wheat products including breads, pastas and cereals.
4. Some type of fruit and veggie
5. Fat free milk (I switch the top, shh!)
6. Coke zero (for B) and Diet dew (for Me)
These are the food compromises B makes for me....

When it comes to men and their meat things can get heated (no pun intended). Sorry ladies, we can't just rid them of their artery clogging, heart killing meat. From time to time, we indulged in a delicious juicy steak, perfectly prepared by B himself. Still, no red meat is bought on a regular basis. Can we say, hello healthy heart!

 Any type of grain/cereal/bread bought will be WHOLE WHEAT/GRAIN. Read that carefully and notice I did not say wheat or 7 grains etc. More times then not, the front of the food item will advertise "whole grain bread, whole wheat white, etc." Please do not believe everything you read. Turn over the item and look at the first word in the ingredients list, this word should be "WHOLE." If it isn't then you have been lied to, simply place that item back on the shelf. Or like me in target just yesterday, throw it back because there was not ONE pack of whole wheat bread on that bread aisle. Talk about frustrating! Why the whole grain products you say? These grains have indigestible nutrients called insoluble fiber. You know this nutrient as the one that moves things along the GI tract and keeps you regular! So, if the hubby or wifey gets constipated, yeah I said it,  hit them with the whole grains. Oh, and don't forget to back that fiber up with lots of fluid or a greater upset could occur. For an excellent source of fiber look at the food label and make sure that it has >5 grams of fiber per serving.

As the honeymoon phase continues and more compromises are made, I will keep you all posted on the success and failure of Newlywed Nutrition, Mission:Healthy Husband. Now it's your turn. Go and make a necessity list to see how you can be healthy like the Huggins!

Always Smiling, 
Cindy Jade RD,LD
Registered Dietitian
Be Full Be Happy Be Healthy


  1. Its like youre talking to me. :) I just spent about an hour in the grocery store trying to "compromise" but the BOGO offers sometimes won the battle. I cant wait for the next post!

  2. I love this and yes Marriage is all about compromise... Joe says that i keep him "regular" with my whole wheat and fiber LOL so keep up the blogging!!!


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