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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pregnancy Story

Today one year ago I found out I was pregnant with Lucy. I went to work like any other day... After lunch my coworker Marsha asked me if I needed anything from the drugstore. Her face was priceless when I said “yeah can you pick me up a pregnancy test?” I quickly told her I was not pregnant I just have to do this every now and then because I don’t have a regular cycle. My period comes and goes. One year I actually only saw my period twice. This is because of my history of endometriosis, ovarian cysts and over exercise. Defined as amenorrhea. Every test was just to rule it out and in years passed they all were negative. So I expected nothing else but to see a big negative sign. 

When Marsha returned I nonchalantly went to the restroom at work and took it. I know what you’re thinking...why at work. Remember I’m expecting a hard negative! However within seconds of my urine hitting the stick a big + sign came up. I barely got wiped and my pants up before I was out of the bathroom into Marsha’s office. Im pretty sure i flung urine all over her. My hands were shaking holding a positive pregnancy test and I asked her to confirm my hesitation. She confirmed and quickly calmed me down. She walked me through what I needed to do, call my doctor and set up an appointment. 

My doctors office was anti-climatic. I don’t know why I expected them to pop confetti, clap, and say congratulations. They just said be at this class on this day in two weeks. Two weeks? Do you all not need to confirm my pregnancy, I asked. Her reply was, did you take a pregnancy test that was positive? After I responded yes she quickly said, you’re pregnant. 

I was still in disbelief so I took about five more pregnancy tests over the next two weeks before I got that class. 

That day after work I went home anxious to share the news with Brian. We didn’t have any Valentine’s Day plans so I just went home, went to my office and started thinking about how I was going to tell him. I wrapped up three hearts with three different sayings on them and put them in a box over the positive pregnancy test. The first heart said “you are a wonderful husband.” The next one said “and one day you’re going to make a great dad.” The last one said “and that day is today.” 

The look on his face was one in disbelief much like mine was. We honestly never ever ever ever thought that we would be so incredibly blessed. I know that sounds cliché but if you don’t know my Lord I would love to introduce you to him because he is all good. 

My brother visited that night but we’d decided not to say anything. Moments after he walked out the door I asked Brian if I could tell him. Of course he said yes. I ran outside in my bare feet, knocked on his truck window and told him that Brian and I were expecting. 

I loved the genuine  look of happiness he expressed. My daddy died when I was young and I look to my brother as a father figure. It meant a lot to me to be able to share this news with him first. 

So there it is!  What was your pregnancy story? 

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