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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Regular Girl Give-a-Way


Let’s get regular!

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National Nutrition Month is slowly coming to a close. Sad! But I still have some great freebies coming your way. This week I’m giving away a Regular Girl sample kit. I first heard about this product when I was at the 2015 Food and Nutrition Expo. The packaging caught my eye…of course. You may be wondering what in the world is Regular Girl? Allow me to explain. This product is a Probiotic and Prebiotic supplement. I have spoke a little bit about probiotics in a previous post. But what-in-the-world are they good for? Well…a lot!
Did you know you have a second brain? It is in your gut! No, seriously. Ongoing research is showing that our gut has the power to tell the brain what to do. You all have a community of beautiful gut micro flora called the microbiome. When the community is flourishing (healthy) so is your health. When it is damaged or members have died off it begins to affect your health negatively. Some side-effects include diarrhea, constipation, and some research is even linking it to chronic diseases. One common cause of decreased gut bacteria is antibiotic use. Hormone homeostasis is interrupted when your gut bacteria is not flourishing. These hormones regulate your appetite and when imbalanced can cause increase in belly fat.
This statement below is a press release from Regular Girl PR:
Every woman will want to be a Regular Girl
Now it’s easier than ever to feel more confident on the inside and look extraordinary on the outside
Confident. Radiant. Well-balanced. It’s difficult to look and feel extraordinary when we’re worried about our bodily functions. Some women feel bloated because they don’t “go” daily. Others build their schedule around their morning bathroom habits. And traveling? Instead of fun and adventure, it often only compounds these stressful issues. 
The solution is here. Regular Girl is a unique, synbiotic blend of clinically proven prebiotic fiber and probiotics. Because it is a regulating fiber, it helps to firm loose stools and decrease occasional constipation. It is also clinically proven to improve growth and normalization of bacterial gut flora which improves immune function and calcium absorption.
“Regular Girl’s cool single-serving, on-the-go stick packs will help women gain control over their digestive health, so they can return to their confident, balanced selves,” says Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Felicia Stoler, who helped formulate this brand.
The beauty of Regular Girl is that it can be mixed with many of your daily foods and beverages without impacting the taste, texture, aroma or flavor. To make it simpler to include Regular Girl in your morning smoothie, it is also available as a 30-day supply of bulk powder.
Why getting regular is so important
· When fecal matter spends less time in contact with the colon walls, it reduces the risk of colon cancer.
· Regular bowel movements help to provide a workout for the colon’s natural wave-like movement (peristalsis). Just like muscles, it’s use it or lose it.
· Constipation can cause hemorrhoids and anal fissures (tears).
· For people with heart disease, being constipated and straining to have a bowel movement may cause a heart arrhythmia, potentially impacting blood flow to the heart and brain.
· Loose stools are not just embarrassing. They may also mean that you’re losing electrolytes, which are important for heart function.
· Loose stools may also signal digestive and absorptive problems, which may contribute to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Regular Girl’s prebiotics and probiotics are a powerful combination
All of us suffer from occasional gas, bloating and indigestion. These symptoms never come at a good time. Maybe you’re about to hit the beach and your stomach starts to expand, or you want to be comfortable but your favorite jeans refuse to zip. Folk remedies rarely work. But carefully selected prebiotics and probiotics can work symbiotically to relieve your feeling bloated blues.
Here’s how the magic happens:
· Prebiotics: These are food for the probiotics. You need these for your probiotics to thrive.   However, it is important to choose the right prebiotic fiber that doesn’t result is excess gas, bloating and loose stools.
· Probiotics: These are the good guys, not just for our digestive system but also for our immune health, our mood and other bodily functions. We need to have healthy colonies of a variety of probiotics in our guts.
Women need Regular Girl’s soluble fiber
The 2015 Dietary Guidelines noted that we’re still not getting enough fiber. In addition to helping improve regularity, fiber can help to remove cholesterol from our body and promote healthy cholesterol levels.
Relying entirely on dietary intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains isn’t realistic for many people. We’re simply not eating enough fiber from food to make up for the shortfall. People are confused about which foods are good for them, and which are bad. And if we’re eliminating gluten from our diets, that’s likely further reduced our fiber intake.
Regular Girl contains an all natural, 100 percent gluten-free, flavorless soluble regulating fiber. It contains no eggs, yeast, soy, sugar, salt, artificial flavors or preservatives.  Regular Girl helps to reduce the glycemic load of foods while providing a healthy satiety (feelings of fullness) by slowing the transit of food in the small intestine. 
When you’re not regular, you feel uncomfortable, out of balance, anxious and unfocused. Regular Girl’s unique combination of prebiotic fiber and probiotics will make women feel comfortable so they can radiate inner confidence.


What’s included in the Regular Give-a-Way? The winner will receive a Regular Girl Starter Kit consisting of 15 convenient packets in a reusable BPA-free bottle.

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