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Friday, May 8, 2015

Child Depression Awareness

Yet another proud moment as my beautiful niece speaks from her heart. I myself have struggled with depression and anxiety for nearly 10 years. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and weak. Above all, I thought my life was worth much. Last year I started a mental health series to publish on my blog. In these post I spoke of my struggle with mental health, but I could never bring myself to publish them because I still felt so embarrassed. It wasn't until my niece, Taylor (Intern Taylor to you all) read these posts and seek me out for help because she felt as if she suffered from the same things I did. I can't stress enough the importance of understanding mental health and how to interpret a healthy mental state and an unhealthy mental state. I will proudly say that my relationship with Jesus Christ saved my life when I thought it wasn't worth saving. And what a blessing it is now to be able to share my story and help Taylor and others around me. I will publish that series without embarrassment and without regret because of Taylor. What a courageous young lady she is becoming. Please, continue reading to hear her story. To parents, I beg you to listen to your children and no the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Thank you for reading!

This past Monday was an important day and I honestly, forgot to post. It was child depression awareness day. I know how a lot of kids feel, because I grew-up thinking I had depression and anxiety...with my mom refusing to believe it. It's very hard for a kid to know what to do or whats going on. A lot has happened in my life and sometimes its hard for me to hold it in, times I will tell myself that it's going to be okay, even if I don't feel like it's going to be.

Depression is serious and sometimes can cause kids to hurt themselves because that's the only thing they know that can relieve how they feel without hurting others. Working with my aunt Cindy made me realize how similar we really are. I am now going to see someone or talk to someone about the six years I have dealt with how I feel. Only recently I have felt okay enough to actually tell someone

"Hey, I think I have depression and/or anxiety and want to do something about it.." 

For some children it's actually really hard to tell someone if they think they have one or the other. Teens feel as if they are wrong or feel too embarrassed to tell someone how they actually feel. For me, its hard enough going to talk to just my mother, let a long another adult. It is all too common for kids to get made fun of for anything and's hard to 'fit in' and try to be a normal teenager. One way or another someone is going to call you names, pick-on you, be mean/rude etc..

  • Estimated one third of people who seek help do NOT receive treatment in their life.
  •  Many Americans still consider depression a sign of weakness.
  • Up to 50% of people, TODAY, who suffer depression are still not getting treatment.
  • Around 9%-10% of American population of 18+ today suffer from a mood disorder. 
  • 11 out of 100,000 people die yearly by suicide, mental illness is the number one factor.

If a child comes to you wanting to talk about depression or a mental condition they think they might have, Please for just a few moments of your time, sit down and talk with them. This could majorly help a child in need and even save a life.

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