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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A moment for Faith: Sometimes you just need to cry.

Tears rolled when I finally stopped holding my breath. Sitting in my living room recliner buried in research literature, class notes, and probably a cat or two, I finally gave in to my emotions. My husband looked with caution like he knew he may not need to say anything. I simply smiled and told him to just leave me be because I needed this moment. I smile because I knew I was going to be okay because I had faith that the Lord would rid me of my stress and guide me. 

My mom always said, "Let go and let God, Cindy". 

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Just because you give in to your bodily emotions doesn't mean you don't have faith. I use my "cry time" as a reminder that God is in control and He will see me through. As finals approach, I just want to remind my fellow classmates and my students to listen to your body and remember the following:

1. You must sleep
2. You must eat
3. You MUST laugh (especially at yourself)
4. You must take time away from the projects and studies. Even if your time is limited! A 10 minute walk or yoga break will do wonders for your mental stress. I have even taken my yoga mat to the library with me...
5. You must accept what is and what may be. If you cannot change what is in front of you there is no need to worry yourself over it. Time and time again I beat myself up things I cannot change, mostly time! 
6. You must SMILE through it all. I promise smiling makes it better. 
7. You must plan and organize your time wisely.  Download my daily planner pdf here. This is an A5 size, if you'd like a different size comment below. 
And lastly: You MUST, MUST enjoy every moment! 

Good Luck fellow classmates and my students! You've Got This!

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