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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Could MealEnders Really be the solution to help over eating?

MealEnders Review

Disclosure: I was sent free product in return for my honest and professional opinion. In no way do I recommend this product for medical treatment. I highly recommend seeking out physician approval before trying any diet or supplement products. Then I recommend you seek out the professional guidance of a registered dietitian nutritionist. 

Could MealEnders Really be the solution to help over eating?

Short answer: No.

I do believe in vehicles to help transition into a healthy lifestyle. Behavior change is incredibly challenging because of the various levels of influence. There are many, many behavior theories. This product peeked my interest because of the psychological approach opposed to a diet plan, meal replacement, etc. So, I thought I'd try it out. When I work with the bariatric community I preached this message every single day: Your brain needs time to catch up and tell you you are full. 

Food is too often taken for granted-being devoured and digested before it’s even tasted. 

I put the product to the ultimate test and took the samples to be tried by my co-workers (dietitians). We are trained skeptics so I knew I'd get their honest opinion. We all agreed the flavors were enjoyable. The tingling was very noticeable. As a reminder, this is not an appetite stimulant. This product is designed to give YOU that extra time to really decide if you are hungry. Here is the real test: place Mealenders bag by cookies....which will you choose? Only in a dietitian's office. 

Mealenders have two layers: A sweet layer followed by a cool, gentle layer which activates a tingling sensation on your taste buds.  

How To use MealEnders:
  1. Once you're in the moment and think that you are hungry, try a Mealender.
  2. DO NOT CHEW NOR BITING. Let it dissolve completely!
  3. Let the tingles in your mouth help your brain realize that you are not truly hungry. 
  4. Mealenders work best when paired with proper diet and exercise (ENTER DIETITIAN).
So far it comes in four flavors, Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Citrus, and Cinnamon. The flavors are actually pretty tasty. I believe this is a start to addressing behavior but, there are many variables of behavior change still to be considered. 

Have any of you tried MealEnders?
Do you like them?
Have Mealenders helped you?
Photo Source: MealEnders

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  1. I'm guessing you believe this can be the start of helping to change behaviors around food and how we eat it?

    1. Yes! It must be used as a tool for behavior change and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Meal Enders sound great. It's weird because I don't get huge cravings or experience a lot of hunger until I actually start eating. Once I start, I have trouble stopping and will end up grazing for a long time. My diet is fairly healthy, but I'd still like to have more control over this. In the winter I drink tea after meals to signal my brain to stop eating, but with warmer weather (hopefully) around the corner, I need a different strategy.


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