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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Cake Decorating Kit Review! You are going to love this!

Hi friends! I have something special to share with you all today. I'm learning to cake decorate!! I have always enjoyed baking, but I never really had the talent to make them pretty. My Cake Decorating Kit is an easy and fun way to learn to decorate sweet treats. Today, I'm reviewing the starter kit, which is everything you see below. In this Starter Kit is a Guide, Set of Two PINK Butterfly Cutters, a PINK Cupcake Stand, and bonus gift - Icing & Cookie Press Gun Set. I'm sold by the pink alone! 

The Starter offer is only $1.99! Each month following the starter kit you will receive a new kit in the mail for just $14.99 per month. This will include three booklets packed with easy-to-follow instructions, expert tips, recipes, and decorating tools. You know you are curious!!! Head over here to get more information!

I started out having fun with the PINK cookie cutters. I also played around with some dye, which is why my butterflies look a little dark. They are truly purple.

This was the first thing that caught my eye. Aren't they so pretty? I could just see them at a baby shower or bridal shower. 

The instructions were very easy to follow and I always appreciate pictures to guide me. You can see below I have started the process. And yes, they are suppose to be purple. I got a little carried away. But, these aren't the finished product. After I played around, I was a good student and went back through the guide a followed step by step. Easy, peasy! You are going to be oh so surprised when you see them. Head back over Friday for the finished project and I'll give you a sneak peek at what I'm decorating next. 

What are you waiting for? Let's learn to decorate together!!!
Let me know when you get your kit so we can share pictures!

Happy Decorating!!

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