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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Goals

My fitness routine has gone to heck over the past month. Although, I do believe in No Excuses, I do have one good one. I had a small surgery that kept me down and out, but that was only for a couple of weeks. In less than 100 days I'll be running the Women's Running Series in Nashville, Tn. This is the same run I did last year for my first half marathon. I remember the hills! Oh, the hills!! Thank goodness I had good company and motivation.

How do you get back your running routine?

I remember being on fire this time last year. I was setting goals and meeting them. I felt so accomplished. Now, I'm lucky if I run 3 miles a week. I just can't find that feeling! If you are a runner or an avid gym goer, then you know the "feeling" I am talking about. You feel invincible, motivated, excited everyday when it's time for your workout. Your excited because you know it may kick your butt, but you are going to give it your best.

I need that FEELING back!

And this is how I'm going to get it!

First, well, run! My doctor released me and I'm free to run and exercise. No more excuses!

This weeks running routine.

Monday {I post the yoga videos I do everyday HERE!}

3 Miles

5 Miles

3 Miles


7 Miles

2-3 Miles

I'm also going to get back in the spirit of things by signing up for more 5k's

Upcoming races

Patriot 5k June 28th in Tuscaloosa, Al or Run for Miracles in Foley, Alabama {I'm feeling like I need a beach retreat}

I'm keeping an open mind about the Huntsville Sprint Tri on August 16th. Water scares me! But, in a way, running use to scare me too.

What do you do to stay motivated? Any races coming up?


  1. It is hard to get your motivation back when you have some down time. I am sure you will have that feeling again in no time!!! I think a beach trip is always in order....I would go with that one!!!! We are heading down to Gulf Shores in a few weeks! I wont wont be for running ;) Quite the opposite!

    1. I hope so! Yes, the beach is tempting!! Ekk! I would love an actual vacation. One that involves no exercising =)


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