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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day-4 of the 7-Day Green Smoothie challenge

Day-4 of the 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge and going smoothly. I have only had one hiccup and that was yesterdays smoothie, it was a little too nutty tasting for me. I like my smoothies sweet! Todays treat is Banana Mango Green Smoothie. This smoothie is packed with wonderful fiber and protein! Remeber when adding fiber to you diet it is really important to consume lots of water. The current recommendation is ~64 ounces per day. If you are active you need to replenish with more water. Perhaps we should start a water challenge =) I am really enjoying this challenge however, I know the hubby will be happy when he doesn't have to wake up to the sound of a blender! Tomorrow I'm bringing out the kale! Thanks for reading guys.

Don't forget to go back and check out days 1-3! Enjoy!

 Continue reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins!


  1. You're doing great with the challenge! Good for you girlie!! And I know what you mean about your hubby and the sound of the blender. Mine gets to be the same way, hehe! This smoothie looks good, love the picture too! I tried mango today, that sucker was hard to cut but tasted so good in the mix!!

  2. Yum I had mango in my smoothie yesterday, i would be down for a water challenge it kills me that the average person doesnt get full hydrated on a daily bases. Hope you have a great weekend!


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