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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Registered Dietitian Day

National Nutrition Month

UPDATED | DATE: 2/29/16

RDN Day is 3/9/16

If someone asked you what you did what would you say? I say that I give people hope with a large sense of relief. How? Imagine having a chronic disease that doesn't allow certain foods; now imagine having 2 different diseases that doesn't allow certain food. Continue to imagine more then 3 diseases which restricts 90% of the food you eat on a daily basis. How do you feel? Lost? Confused? Discouraged? Each moment of your day is spent wondering, "if I eat this will my body allow it or reject it?" My job allows me to give others hope through nutrition education and counseling. I have seen tears of joy and felt hugs of great relief. I'm not sure what you think a dietitian does but please take the time to find out what one can do for you and your family.

What A Registered Dietitian Can Do For You!

DATE: 3/13/13

Just a few weeks ago I was sitting in a waiting room when a gentleman noticed my medal from a race I had ran that morning. Our conversation led to my career and it ended with him thanking me for making our community healthier. What a great feeling! I never dreamed I would have such a rewarding career. I am inspired daily by my patients, clients and fellow RD's. Today is Registered Dietitian Day! This day is in honor of celebrating RD's and their commitment to making our community healthy! Don't forget to thank an RD today. Learn more about what a Registered Dietitian Can Do for You from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Happy RD day to my fellow RD's!

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