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Monday, March 25, 2013

My St Paddy's day disaster...

In my earlier post about St Patrick's day treat: mint chocolate meringue I bragged on my baking skills-prematurely to find out. My meringues were terrible tasting...if they could make it to your mouth before crumbling to pieces. So, Error #1: I replaced caster sugar with splenda (I just couldn't find caster sugar and I didn't have a coffee grinder) Error #2: Cooked too long (In my defense I followed the directions. Apparently every oven is different). Error #3: Too much mint extract (that stuff is powerful, one slip and you're done for!) Error #4: Baked them on wax paper (I know, I know....::shameful head nod::)

Plus vanilla extract!

They were WAY too sweet (thanks to splenda). Brian tried to eat them, bless his heart. Oh, the growing pains of being a newlywed and learning to cook. Please, keep reading as I continue my struggles and successes! Mission: Healthy Huggins (and a wife that can cook) =)

For the full recipe visit St. Paddy's Day Mint Chocolate Meringues.

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