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Sunday, April 1, 2012

No cheating portion control

Last weekend my beautiful best friend had a baby shower. I thought it was only appropriate that I get her little girl, Stella, nutrition related gifts! That's not all I gave her.... But, I believe you cannot start teaching your kids about nutrition too early. As a parent it is your responsibility to educate your kids about proper nutrition. One of the gifts was a plate that is divided  into food groups and a place mat that gives examples of each food group.  Simple, simple. So this had me thinking.. I wonder how many adults could make a proper balanced (balanced=all food groups and proper portions) plate.

Later today I will post a poll on my blog and let's see how well you guys do =)

 Brian is an excellent cook. He really treats cooking like an art.Ladies be jealous, not only does he do ALL of the cooking but he makes my plate & sets the table too. He always tries to practice portions...with my plate. We are still working on hitting all foods groups!

If you do struggle with portion control consider buying yourself a plate! It doesn't have to be a kids one... 
 Use these for the home!

 Take along!

 I want this one!

Come back later today for the portion poll!!

Continue to read as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins!

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