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Saturday, January 1, 2011

NewYear Nutrition

The new year brings great new beginnings and new years resolutions! Let us thank the Lord for an opportunity at a fresh start!

The Huggins are starting a new year together as a married couple. Reflecting on this past year, I find myself smiling at all of the wonderful memories. Getting married, beginning a career and moving for the first time...what a year. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. In 2010, I started a mission to mold a healthy husband and a healthy household. It started with a lot of compromises and adapting. As a couple we ventured out and found our own ways to be smart when eating. Brian has become an excellent chef by learning new cooking techniques and trying new ingredients. He has introduced me to many new herbs and spices while I have educated him on using a pinch instead of a pound and the value of a veggie! Our new years resolution:continue to compromise in the kitchen...ok fine, that's my resolution. Remember, this is mission:healthy husband! So perhaps resolutions should be individualized.

"New Year, New You!" That's what you are thinking, right? Is this what you said last year? Then it's only a matter of time until relapse sets in and everything you have attempted to change comes undone. Instead of changing let's adapt to eating healthy or increasing physical activity, etc. When change does not come quickly, all hope is lost and we are left with disappointment. Adapting takes time. It requires small steps on a daily basis. Majority will set a resolution of weight loss. They will get on the scale, do some subtraction and set a weight goal. Rushed with the excitement of a new skinny beginning, they will set an unrealistic time-frame...because "I am serious this year." According to, only 75% of those who set weight loss goals make is passed the first week, 71% to 2 weeks, 64% to one month and 46% make it to 6 months. Where do you fall? Losing weight is hard! Let's say that again...losing weight is hard! Why? Because, we make it hard. Unrealistic goals with unrealistic time-frames...fad diets...restricting too many calories...bogus supplement pills...fasting...obsessing over every calorie...and the list goes on.

Cindy say's....
Forget the scale Get on it once to record your weight and don't get back on till you see and feel results! Your weight can fluctuate so easily. With strength training you will gain muscle while losing fat so the scale may not move. Get those jeans that are too tight and make that your "scale."

Set goals Yearly goal, monthly goals and daily goals. Get out a sheet of paper and write your long term goal--> number 1-10 My Goal: Run half a marathon by 2012 (note time-frame) How will I meet my goal? What can I do to get there and make it enjoyable and easier on myself?

1. Buy new running shoes
2. Start a log to monitor mileage
3. Make a workout mix on my iPhone
4. Get a running partner
5. Join a running club
6. Run 1 mile

Using your list you can break them down into short term goals. Weekly Goal-I will buy new running shoes and run 1 mile to get my 1 mile time. Monthly Goal- I will shave 30 seconds off of my mile time. Now, I'm that much closer to running that marathon. Write goals on your calendar and check off as you go!
You must eat to drop unwanted pounds Yes, calorie restriction is necessary but your body still needs good energy from fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats. Don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods, cut back and add to! Take my favorite food for example, french fries, if I were to cut them total out of my diet I would do nothing but crave them. Occasionally, I have my small fries, but I make sure I have good calories to back it up. When paring the two together your body has the tools it needs to digest the food without directly storing as fat! This does not give you permission to have a plate of fries with a bite of broccoli. Remind yourself of what a healthy plate looks like.

Move your butt Take the stairs (push through your heels, not your toes when going up the stairs), park at the back of the parking lot, wake up 15 minutes earlier to do some jumping jacks (every little bit counts), turn up the music and dance, add resistance to your workout- walk with small weights. At work I often times will wear 1/2 pound to one pound leg weights (cute, small ones at wal-mart). When I play kinect, I wear one pound hand and leg weights. Get creative! And for the newly weds...burn some calories in bed ; ) I'm sure you can get creative there?!

In the new year continue to educate yourself...keep reading this blog ; )... Knowledge is power people! My mission continues for a healthy husband and healthy household. I hope you keep reading, learning and growing healthy with your newlywed and loved ones. Leave a comment and share your resolutions with us!
To sum it up!
  • Reflect on last year. What made you happy, what made you sad? 
  • Make a list of what you want to achieve this year. 
  • Set a long term goal of one year. This time next year you will have documentation! 
  • Write that goal down and number 10-1 underneath it. List 10 ways you can accomplish this goal. 
  • Set monthly goals 
  • Set weekly goals 
  • Heck, set daily goals 
  • Do not do it alone. Include your family and friends and work together. 
  • Do not set yourself up for failure! If you set a goal and you know that it is not realistic, start smaller! There is no shame. 
  • Remember....small actions count! If you only have time for a 15 minute workout, do it. 
  • Breathe! Give yourself a break when needed. Listen to your body (remember it's adapting too) If you are sore, good, but don't strain your muscles and exhaust yourself. If your tummy is growling, eat; do not allow yourself to get so hungry that you eat everything in sight. 
  • Meditate, laugh, have fun and pray. Being healthy is not only food and exercise. Mentally and emotionally healthy plays a large role in optimal health.
Happy New Year from the Huggins!

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