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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jelly beans!

Jelly Bean Day!

Okay this is not a recipes post because what can you find with Jelly Beans?! I tried to so instead here is a few fun facts about the tasty treats of Jelly Beans. Now, If you are like me (intern Taylor) I actually really love jelly beans. I'm not a big fan of a lot of candy but jelly beans seem to fit in to any holiday or special occasions! Easter, Christmas, Halloween, I mean come on! 

Fun Facts:
  •  Each jelly bean is four calories!
  • More than 100 different flavors (so I've Heard!)
  • There once was a peanut flavor jelly bean!
  Starting in 1864:
 A man in his early 20's named Goelitz opened up a candy business in Illinois, his family kept candy making a tradition and made Candy Corn, Spice drops, Tangerine slices and Jelly beans! In the 1970's is when the jelly bean also came in 8 more flavors then just mint: Root Beer, Cream Soda, Cherry, Apple, Tangerine, Lemon, Grape and Licorice. After a few years many, many more has came into this world, Even Ronald Reagan ate jelly beans! There is buttered popcorn beans and sports beans (I haven't seen them but I would love to try them!) 

If You Want To Know More History Of The Jelly Beans In A Bit More Detail Visit The Jelly Bean Company And Their Website! Don't Forget Today Is Jelly Bean Day!! 

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