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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reflections on National Eating Disorder Week

Society A.K.A The Bully
Written by: Intern Taylor

The media plays a big role in eating disorders, most of you probably know this already. The media sets certain standards which we are suppose to live up to just to fit-in. People who struggle with eating disorders often get bullied. For bullys school, neighborhood, internet, its a way of dealing with emotions and feelings. While society stands there and tells them "you're not skinny enough", "you have to be this small to be pretty"; or other harsh things that may trigger peoples feelings. 
Today my teacher talked to the class about this issue saying: "girls feel more pressure to fit-in and have it harder because of society; and how society basically setting their own standards for what a girl should be." Because of magazines, models, or unhealthy\unrealistic body image. The class agreed, which most was guys.Talking to another teacher of mine also, she agreed, people think too much about the social media and society, people try to please society more than their own-self. 

Did you know?:
Did you know Marilyn Monroe was pictured as one of the most beautiful girls, she was a singer an actor and model. She was always known for her beauty with least amount of make up and as a sex appeal. She had curves that would be known as today, as fat. 

Photo Source: Google

Would you think she is 'fat', 'big' or 'over sized'!? No, because magazines back then would be promoting to eat and gain weight. But, Now-a-days you have to be 100 pounds to fit-in. Kids get bullied for their weight: being too skinny or being 'fat'/'big'. It goes both ways.

Social Media
This is where most kids get called names, like fat or ugly or tooth pick. Sure you  can say that behind a computer/cell phone screen and not know the person.. But what if it was the other way around? How would that make you feel about your self? Sure, some people may be confident about their self. But, have you ever noticed we're not all the same? Maybe the person behind that screen is already feeling low about themselves or already starves themselves OR already eats dramatic amounts of food to GAIN weight. You may not know how you effect other's lives, I know most teenagers don't care, or don't realize what small words can do to each other. 

Photo Source: NEDAwareness

If You Would Take Five Minutes To Think About Other People And What They Might Be Going Through.. It Could Possibly Save A life. Don't Bully People, What If It Was The Other Way Around How Would You Feel About It?...

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