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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fools Day!!

April Fools!
Intern Taylor!
As you all may know April the 1st is April Fools Day! Now, I don't know about you.. But this is the one day I trust NOBODY! You don't know whats coming around the corner! 
Which are you!? The Prankster or the Pranky? I'm not a big fan of this day even though I do love pulling pranks on some people. And County High (my school) has too many pranksters! This is going to be a 'awesome' day!

Story Time!
Okay back in middle school, you know where you "didn't know any better" and maybe didn't care as much about school, well I know this guy who was always the jokester and always had to have the last word type guy, and he thought it would be just so funny to clog up all the guys bathrooms. It was three or four other guys with him, but still? It's was pretty mean and it was right after lunch, that's when our 'bathroom breaks' were and no guys could go to the bathroom because it had to be cleaned out from all the water in the floors! It was pretty nasty and the guys got suspended. 
Then there was this time when me and my brother was living in apartments with my mom and step dad about four years ago, we thought it would be funny to put a rubber band on the spray hose on the sink. Little did we know my step dad comes in a few seconds later and turns the water on... water went every where and boy was he MAD! It was aimed for my mom but it was still super funny.. we got in big trouble. Even while my mom was laughing! 

So tell me, what type are you the prankster or the pranky? 
Whats the biggest,funniest or outrageous prank you've pulled? It could be one you saw from some one else or it could have been on you. I would LOVE to know!
 Comment below and let's see how many good ones there are!(:

P.S Be careful pranking! Some are really dangerous and can hurt someone, so use caution! 


  1. I'm such a sucker. I totally fell for two pranks today. Hahaha!

    1. I am surprised nobody tried to get me that day! I would have fell for them bad! LOL

  2. I didn't believe anything I read today! I am not a big fan of april fools day.


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