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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Cake Decorating Kit review 2

Picture this.

A girl sitting on her kitchen floor, covered from head to toe in flour, icing, and sugar, kneading away at gum paste. Surrounding her, is counters of mixing bowls, a sink full of flour-covered utensils, and a white kitten with bright green spots.

As you read this, I'm am still dressed in flour with spots of pink icing in my hair and Kit Kat is still rocking the green icing spots. I spent this evening baking. No, that is incorrect. I spent this evening attempting to decorate what I had already baked. I love to bake, but what I have learned from reviewing this My Cake Decorating kit is they need to send me a box of patience.

If you missed the first review go--->Here

My Cake Decorating Kit is a monthly subscription that sends you cake decorating inspiration along with the tools needed! Each month a box will arrive with a new cake decorating issue with recipes and decorating tips. In addition, they surprise you with new and exciting baking and decorating tools. So far, I have received adorable pink butterfly and star cookie cutters, reusable piping bags, letter embossers, piping tips, and more!!  

Baking is simple. It's science and I know science. But, the tedious efforts that go into making things pretty are down-right exhausting. The people on t.v. make it look so easy. Though, with a couple of deep breaths and the occasional "ugh!!" I found myself improving. I get a little excited about things and tend not to read directions... So, after my first attempt-fail, I went back to My Cake Decorating Kit and read the simple, simple instructions. The authors of the kit do a very good job breaking recipes and instructions into simple steps. Before I show you my attempt at being a cake decorator, let me go over some pros and cons of this kit.

I started off with the butterfly cookies. Though these look a little rough, the more I practice the better they look! Then I baked some delicious banana cupcakes and topped them with banana frosting. I used the gum paste to make the adorable yellow butterflies.

I'm getting better with practice. If you want to see a pro head over to Beth Cakes! She don't play!

This exciting new collection brings you step-by-step recipe projects, expert tips and all the cake decorations tools you need to master the art of cake decorating. Just $14.97 + $4.99 shipping each month. Check them out HERE
and here!!

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