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Friday, April 6, 2012

Run, Cindy, Run!

 Running is such a chore to me. Just thinking about it makes me exhausted. I can remember running the mile run in elementary school, trying to keep up with my freakishly fast best friend, Ashley Webb. No matter how hard I pushed, I always got too winded to keep up. My fastest mile then was about 9 minutes. My fastest mile now, oh about 11 I got slower with my old age??! However, I do consider myself physically fit. I use to think running was an innate skill.
But, recently I have sucked it up and started running. My friends are so inspiring. Listening to their stories about their latest marathon got me really itching to set some new exercise goals. Brian and I have actually been running together. This has really helped getting me off my butt!
The first mile is bearable, while the next couple are a struggle. When does the "runners high" kick in?? When??? Tomorrow I run my first 5k, the 9th annual Easter Resurrection Run! Nope, I have never done one before. I'm really nervous. Thankfully I have a friend jogging with me, but I'll probably be trailing way behind.

We know I am big on research, so I have spent a minute or two reading lots of articles related to running. Most of them give the same tips. Start slow and work your way up, listen to your body, focus on breathing in your nose and out your mouth, break through mental barriers and stay hydrated. Couch to 5k was my first attempt to training, but I got a little impatient with the application. So, I just started listening to my body and remembering what a personal trainer once told me , "on a scale from 1-10. 5-6=you are comfortable; 7-8=heavy breathing, breaking a sweat; 9=nausea sets in; 10=vomiting. If you are not at 10 you can keep going." So, this is what I did. I really pushed myself physically and mentally. Mental preparation was more difficult then physical training. I just get bored when I run and get discouraged too easily. Now, during my runs I day dream and of course listen to music. I know day dreaming sounds dangerous, like I am going to run off in the road or something, but it really helps me to stop thinking at the task at hand and just relax. Yesterday I completed 3.2 miles in 36 minutes. During the run I actually did have to stop because of a cramp, but I started right back up after I walked it out. I was really proud of myself.

 I want to feel like this girl at the end of my race!! Wish me luck!

Tip of the Day

Every Body Walk!

Take a walk outside, or walk on an indoor track or shopping mall. Walking is an easy exercise that requires no training or previous experience!
Every Body Walk! is a program to encourage Americans to get up and moving 30 minutes a day, five times a week to feel healthier and happier. Check out to find inspiring stories and take the pledge to walk every day.
For more information on how lead a healthier and happier life, consult a registered dietitian in your area and visit our Nutrition for Life section.

Continue reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins!

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