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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Delicious Dorito

You can put cookies, brownies, cakes, candy and much more in my house and I can practice self control. But, when you put Doritos in my pantry I will cave! You would of thought my cat had died after the scream I let out when seeing the TWO bags of Doritos in my pantry. Seriously, Brian was a little mad when I told him why I was screaming. He said they were buy one get one free..ugh... First thought was to immediately crush them and throw them away, but I knew this would upset him. So, now I will have to practice mindful eating.
Mindful eating-it's about staying in control
  • Use your full attention when eating
  • Understand hunger cues. Why are you about to eat? Are you truly hungry? 
  • Distinguish between satisfied vs. full. Your goal: being satisfied!
  • Pay attention to how much you are eating- pre-portion (don't take the whole bag of chips with you-put some in a bowl)
  • Take the time to taste the food- this will slow you down. Describe the food to yourself.
  • Physically remove yourself from distraction--don't eat in front of the t.v., don't talk on the phone
  • Notice how you feel when you get through eating-do you immediately regret what you just put into you mouth? 
Learn more at The Center for Mindful Eating

Last note: Don't buy what you know you will over indulge in! 

Continue reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins

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