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Monday, March 5, 2018


Make friends with all carbs but become besties with the nutrient-rich carbs below. 

Carbs=fuel (energy) We need a variety at each meal in smaller portions. It is recommended you eat a meal every 4-5 hours to replenish energy!

Whole grains (cereal, bread, pasta)

Beans and Legumes

Low-fat Milk

Whole Fresh Fruit

Non-Starchy Vegetables

Good resources to learn more about carbohydrates:

Healthy Eating Plate

Check out this episode!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pregnancy Story

Today one year ago I found out I was pregnant with Lucy. I went to work like any other day... After lunch my coworker Marsha asked me if I needed anything from the drugstore. Her face was priceless when I said “yeah can you pick me up a pregnancy test?” I quickly told her I was not pregnant I just have to do this every now and then because I don’t have a regular cycle. My period comes and goes. One year I actually only saw my period twice. This is because of my history of endometriosis, ovarian cysts and over exercise. Defined as amenorrhea. Every test was just to rule it out and in years passed they all were negative. So I expected nothing else but to see a big negative sign. 

When Marsha returned I nonchalantly went to the restroom at work and took it. I know what you’re thinking...why at work. Remember I’m expecting a hard negative! However within seconds of my urine hitting the stick a big + sign came up. I barely got wiped and my pants up before I was out of the bathroom into Marsha’s office. Im pretty sure i flung urine all over her. My hands were shaking holding a positive pregnancy test and I asked her to confirm my hesitation. She confirmed and quickly calmed me down. She walked me through what I needed to do, call my doctor and set up an appointment. 

My doctors office was anti-climatic. I don’t know why I expected them to pop confetti, clap, and say congratulations. They just said be at this class on this day in two weeks. Two weeks? Do you all not need to confirm my pregnancy, I asked. Her reply was, did you take a pregnancy test that was positive? After I responded yes she quickly said, you’re pregnant. 

I was still in disbelief so I took about five more pregnancy tests over the next two weeks before I got that class. 

That day after work I went home anxious to share the news with Brian. We didn’t have any Valentine’s Day plans so I just went home, went to my office and started thinking about how I was going to tell him. I wrapped up three hearts with three different sayings on them and put them in a box over the positive pregnancy test. The first heart said “you are a wonderful husband.” The next one said “and one day you’re going to make a great dad.” The last one said “and that day is today.” 

The look on his face was one in disbelief much like mine was. We honestly never ever ever ever thought that we would be so incredibly blessed. I know that sounds cliché but if you don’t know my Lord I would love to introduce you to him because he is all good. 

My brother visited that night but we’d decided not to say anything. Moments after he walked out the door I asked Brian if I could tell him. Of course he said yes. I ran outside in my bare feet, knocked on his truck window and told him that Brian and I were expecting. 

I loved the genuine  look of happiness he expressed. My daddy died when I was young and I look to my brother as a father figure. It meant a lot to me to be able to share this news with him first. 

So there it is!  What was your pregnancy story? 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

My Birth Story


During my pregnancy I didn't really think about giving birth. Some days I couldn't even believe I was pregnant. Even though she's here now I still can't believe she's mine. Honestly, I was not nervous to give birth. Everyone told me I wouldn't feel a thing. Our birth plan going in was simple, I was going to have the drugs...all the drugs. My biggest concern without an epidural was me passing out from the pain. Lucy's due date was originally October 12, 2017 however I had to be induced early.

Why was I induced?

My husband and I were at my 38 week check-up, I believe. My ob doctor, Dr. Allen, was concerned I may have preeclampsia because my blood pressure was up and I had protein in my urine. Normally Dr. Allen is all smiles and joking around in good spirits but when he saw my vitals and urine screen his demeanor changed. In all seriousness he began to explain what my results were indicating. When he asked the nurse for a wheel chair I began to worry. What did I need a wheel chair for? I felt perfectly fine. He sent me down to the hospital for a "work-up." They were to monitor the baby's heart beat and my blood pressure over a few hours and recheck my urine. At the time I didn't know how serious preeclampsia could get. After a couple hours my blood pressure came down and my urine was clean. Even so, it was recommended I induce on October 7th to reduce any further complications.

Timeline of The big day!

6:30 Arrive at hospital
My mother and brother were there before my husband and I. Love them for this! I still wasn't nervous I was more concerned if I packed everything we would need for the stay. We got checked in the  nurse went over paper work with me and Brian. Then she started some fluids. We didn't see Dr. Allen until around 9:30. By this time I had more family arriving--sister Jaime, sister Tess and her boyfriend Matt, My mother-in-law and her finace.

9:30ish Dr. Allen checked my progress and pitocin started

Contractions started about 1 hour after initiating the pitocin. Brian was by my side giving the best support-I love him so much. The contractions were mild, nothing I couldn't handle.

Midmorning I was asked by the nurse to roll over to my side to help the baby's heart beat normalize. She said that being on my back may have been putting pressure on the cord. After rolling from one side to the other she called Dr. Allen with concern. To quote the doctor I was having "mega contractions" and it was affecting the baby's oxygen levels. The pitocin was turned off and my contractions died down. Baby's heart beat normalized and pitocin was restarted at a low rate. At this time I did ask for the epidural.

10:30ish Dr. Allen rechecked progress and there was none. He recommended a foley balloon insertion to help get me to 5 centimeters. Once I reached 5 cm the balloon would fall out on its own. This was so painful guys... Major pelvic pain. After this procedure is when I started to get extremely uncomfortable.

2:30ish Epidural Started
While the doctor was inserting the epidural I was more concerned at all of the liquid coming out of me. I was soaked and my bed was soaked. Though it was kind of a good distraction. The nurse kept telling me this was normal. Come to find out the fluid was from the balloon-it had fallen out and I was now 5 centimeters. By this time Dr. Allen was coming back in to check me. I don't remember this but Brian told me he then broke my water.

Even though I was good and numb downstairs I still felt the extreme urge to pee. I even asked Brian to look at my urine bag to see if I had peed and I had. It is not a good feeling having to pee! I was so uncomfortable. The pressure was too intense to handle. My body wanted to push but I was not dilated enough. I can't remember much of the afternoon but I can recall complaining about all of the pressure I felt.

At some point Lucy's oxygen levels began to fall and they stopped my pitocin again. Once normalized the pitocin was restarted.

7:45pm I started pushing.
I could feel the pressure of the contractions and the nurse coached me through each one as I pushed. Brian and my mom were helping hold my legs as I pushed. For some reason my pitocin got knocked down again and my contractions faded...then it was pushed back up. This process was so frustrating. My mom attempted to take my mind off things by comparing my delivery to my sisters...stating that mine was soooo much easier. I'm pretty sure I said something very rude but I have since apologized. Brian's genuine excitement was keeping me going. He would get so tickled when he saw her head.

I was give out from pushing. My mom was even showing signs of passing out. I felt so defeated at this point.  And to make matters worse when my nurse called Dr. Allen to let him know Lucy was ready to come out she also mentioned that I may need a little help.

Dr. Allen arrived and talked through options to assist getting Lucy out. He wanted to cut me but my epidural was wearing off. He ended up using the vacuum. This did not make me feel any better. During delivery I did scream the infamous line "I can't do it" and then she hit my chest.

9:26pm Lucy was here!
Exhausted and emotional, I felt like a failure. It took me a few minutes to realize that this baby girl on my chest was mine and I had successfully birthed her.

Even now, 4 months later, I still can't believe I did that. Brian and I can't believe we made her. It's all so surreal.

October 7, 2017
(4th quarter of the ALvs Tx A&M game)
6lbs 13oz

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